Top 5 Browsers for windows

These top 5 browsers will make your browsing experience ever than before and at the same time you feel better browsing experience with ultimate security against phishing scams.

If you are an internet user you must aware of browsers because without browser you cannot do in internet. There is a top competition between browsers in internet. This is the main reason for getting better features in browsers.

Here I mention about top 5 browsers for windows which are best for maximum browsing experience.

1. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is the first open source browser in the internet developed by open source team which target internet explorer bugs and release good browser with several  features like tabbed browsing, in built download manager,many security fixes etc. Now it is the second most used browser in the world.


  • Multi tabbed browsing
  • Inbuilt download manager
  • Social networking sites integration from the latest version
  • Scan each file after download completion by the windows antivirus
  • Faster browsing experience with shortcuts
  • Improved startup speed and memory leaks
  • Lacks of add-ons and extensions for every use
  • Setup homepage with most used websites
  • Sends security alerts while browsing phishing pages
  • Private browsing makes you invisible in browsing

Download Link: Mozilla Firefox

2. Internet Explorer:

The first web browser for  windows users comes up with first windows operating system and still it is used by most of the internet users and ranked no1 as per the statistics. Actually first internet explorer version is most vulnerable with lot of bugs and non securable. But later it comes up with latest features and so many bug fixes. Now it released IE 10 with improved security and browsing experience.


  • Easy to use interface with minimum functionalities
  • Smart screen filter alerts you if any website redirects to another harmful website
  • In private browsing and tracking protection do not keep any cookies and history of your browsing session
  • Compared with Firefox less add-ons are available but those are enough if you are normal internet user
  • Add websites to trusted zone
  • Tabbed browsing and set your favorite websites to homepage

Download Link: Internet Explorer

3. Google Chrome:

Another successful product from Google within less time and give a tough competition to other popular web browsers  like Firefox, opera, safari and i.e. etc. It develops various apps and extensions in different categories to engage with users. This is the best choice for webmasters with web developer add-on and release some other beta versions.


  • Inbuilt download manager and inbuilt task manager for closing high memory usage applications.
  • High security profiles are used to get better security while browsing
  • Thousands of apps and extensions are ready to use in various categories.
  • Private browsing makes you invisible and no one tracks your browsing history
  • Do not track option useful to stop tracking of websites
  • Browser synchronization allows you to sync your passwords and extensions and use it any where  in the world

Download Link: Google Chrome

4. Apple safari:

Fastest browser which is developed by the apple company. If you want to browse webpages faster than others this is the right browser. With this browser you can render web pages very speed. It is free to use but less add-ons are available to this browser.


  • Very fast loading of web pages
  • Private browsing
  • Send alerts while browsing phishing and malicious pages

Download Link: Apple Safari

5. Opera:

Opera is the popular mobile browser still it is the top browser in smartphones. Before coming of Firefox and Google chrome opera is the best choice of users for browsing internet. Opera is the best browser for slow internet connections. Because it have an option turbo booster to browse web pages in slow internet connection.


  • Easy to use interface and very faster response
  • Different kind of themes  are available to decorate your browser
  • Private browsing helps you to keep invisible while browsing
  • Turbo booster option allows you to surf web pages in slow internet connection.

Download Link: Opera

Here I review all browsers in random order so this is not the top to bottom list of top browsers.
Which browser you use to browse internet share your browser below through comment form.

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