Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For PC and Android

In this article below we have listed a list of top 10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC and Android device. All the emulators are free for download but some with distinct exceptions you have to pay. But make sure you download that emulator which is a perfect match for your Device. So download an emulator which is compatible with your device and start enjoying your favorite Nintendo games.

Best DS Emulator For PC and android


This Emulator is an open source and free that includes a lot of system availability such as Play Station, Game Boy, SNES and Nintendo DS. Each emulator is coming in the form of “cores” here this emulator is a bit more complicated than the other ones which you should download to play some of the particular games. You can download this for free and is an excellent emulator though some negligible issues are there.


No$GBA is best for playing the games like Pokémon. For those who have played their first Nintendo games in the gaming console will have a great experience for such good games. But with the evolution of gaming device, the Nintendo has been least popular. So if you would love to see the old Nintendo games, here you can play them on your PC using this Nintendo Emulator.


This is a bit old Emulator that has been in the market for a while and is available for free. In spite of having a few issues, its developers are continually working on it to make it better with time. Some of the essential features include along with performance tweaks saving and loading states, skip of frames to logically help games play faster and smoother with good speed. It is an open source emulator that you can have for free.


3dmoo is an open-source Nintendo 3DS Emulator which also supports you to run any Nintendo game for PC. It is compatible with all PC platforms like windows, Mac etc. You can download this application for PC in the Github official site, as there is no official website for downloads. But it is completely safe and will give you alternative choice over Citra 3D Emulator.

DraStic DS Emulator

Currently, this DS Emulator is considered to be the most stable emulator available in the market. While it was going under experiment, it pretty much played every game that was given except few that didn’t work so well. Including controller customization, screen layout customization, support of hardware & software controllers, Google drive support, fast forward, etc. it hosts many other features. If users choose to, they can enjoy some high-end graphics rendering on this emulator. Though the price is bit high, overall it is a good, worthy emulator.

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