How to Use Facebook from Outlook Mail?

Now you can manage your Facebook account from outlook mail also. Here’s how to do it?

We all know about outlook is the second best mail provider in the internet with 420 million users over the world wide after migrating all Hotmail user accounts. Compared to other email providers outlook also gives affordable features like

  • 5GB storage
  • One time password
  • Easy unsubscribe option with single click
  • Edit your office files from your inbox without installing Microsoft office

Come to the point along with these features it gives some other interesting features like chat with Facebook and Gmail friends etc. Here I share the method of connecting your Facebook profile to outlook mail.

How to Integrate Facebook to Outlook mail?

1. Still, you do not have any Microsoft outlook account first sign up for free Outlook account.

2. After creating a successful outlook account login into your mail account, go to the top of the account and click on chat icon beside the settings icon.

3. It displays a pane on the right side of the inbox, go to bottom of the pane and click on Facebook icon.

4. Once you will click on icon it opens another window with some Facebook privacy settings. Kindly check those settings before connect your Facebook account with outlook.

5. Finally click on Connect button to integrate with outlook. You’re done, your Facebook account is now integrated with your outlook account.
6. Now you can update your Facebook status from outlook and chat with your Facebook friends, post messages to their wall.

How to Chat with Facebook friends from outlook?

1. After connecting your Facebook account click chat icon on the top of inbox and you’ll see a message on right pane “add people to chat with Facebook friends”.

2. Click on Facebook friends, it opens a pop up window with connect button. Click on connect button it redirects to

3.We’re already connect our Facebook account with outlook, so don’t need to enter username and password once again.

In the same way, you can add your twitter account, Google account and some other accounts.

If you have any doubts during connection of accounts please leave a comment through comment form.

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