How to Set Master Password to All Passwords in Firefox?

In this tutorial you will learn about master password setting in Firefox browser  with the easy screenshots.

If you observe that when you are in the browsing, you open Gmail for mail checking purpose. After entering the details it shows a popup message on the top of the browser to store the passwords. It asks you to remember passwords for this site with several options.

This option is very useful to store the passwords in browser but there is a problem with this type of password saving in browser. Now everyone can access your passwords who open the same browser easily by opening the options menu and click on saved passwords.

So what to do? you need to do some changes to the password settings in the browser. That is you need to set the master password for all stored passwords in browser. Check the below process to store passwords in a right way.

How to Set Master Password in Mozilla Firefox?

1. First you need to open Firefox browser by clicking on the Firefox icon on the desktop.

2. Next go to the tools menu and click on options. It opens options dialogue box with several security and privacy settings.

3. Select security tab in the options dialogue box and you can several options related to security of browser.

4. Now go to the passwords section on the bottom of the dialogue box. If you click on the saved passwords button you can see all saved passwords in the browser without any warning message and without any protection.

5. Now check the “Use a master password” box under the passwords menu and it opens another dialogue box which asks you to enter master password.

6. By default the current password field is empty. So enter new password and type the same password in the next field to confirm the password. Use strong password to prevent from brute force attacks.

7. Make sure you must remember the master password other wise you cannot access any information stored by you under master password category.

8. After typing the password click on ok button to complete the master password setting process in Firefox browser.

From now on wards no one can access your confidential information like usernames and password without entering the master password. So you are in safe zone by using the master password option in Firefox browser.

The process of setting master password is same  in other browsers too with little bit changes. So you can set the master password in chrome, safari, opera and internet explorer(new version) with few modifications.


You must remember the master password other wise you cannot access the data protected by it. There are some tools available in the internet which resets all settings but no one can see the passwords under master password protection.

If you encounter any problems with this master password setting in browsers, just leave a comment in the comment form I will definitely try to solve that.

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